Sunday, November 16, 2014

My faves P2: TV shows

Today is the second part of "My faves diary" featuring all my favorites from all things interesting in life. Well, I'm just so happy that I get to share to you what I love and what the best parts of me are which is pretty awesome. This is what I really love about blogging. You get the freedom you have always wanted, in a better way possible.
Right at this moment, I can't wait to share to you the "only three" TV shows I am watching. It's quite obvious that I'm not into it that much, but you'll see how dedicated I am to all these three.

Grey's Anatomy. For your information, I was able to watch its first season when I was still in high school. And right at that moment, I've felt something inside me that I will get addicted to this show.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

My faves P1: Bands

Music is everywhere. It has genres where it jive to your daily mood. How magical, isn't it? Without it, life is so silent, and boring and somehow incomplete. Everyday we have been used to listening to songs through our Ipods, cellphones, tablets, or even our cute little mp3 players. It is indeed so precious that no one can live without it. 
Today is the start of "my favorites diary" where it features all about what I personally love in every interesting and enjoyable things in life and how they became a part of me. It has truly been in every journey I had in this world that I will forever treasure and remember. And being a singer, I believe that music is what makes life more meaningful, in the most unique way possible.

Gladly and completely excited, I'd love to share to you my forever favorite bands. Come and take a look!

Lady Antebellum. It started when I was in my first year in college when I got to listen to their most famous song "Just a kiss" (I guess you all know that).

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Wedding in December

Hey guys! I just thought of the first time I read a book of Anita Shreve, which is A Wedding in December. It was way too magical and moving at some point. That's what I love about her writings. They're letting you go to places; not literally; to where you've never been to in particular. I've always been a fan of mysteries. I guess it's fun to discover a certain thing where it excites you a lot and that's what makes you go beyond and read the book even more. That's what brought me to reading Shreve's books. They tell you what you can imagine.

Today, I'm so thrilled sharing you what a few words of what this book is all about, which will, I know for sure, make you wanna buy the book right now! Here it is:

At an inn in the Berkshire Mountains, seven former schoolmates gather to celebrate a wedding-a reunion that becomes the occasion of astonishing revelations as the friends collectively recall a long-ago night that indelibly marked each of their lives. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Give yourself a "RAISE"

Honestly, I really had fun being able to discover's website. So lovely, so convenient! What's awesome about Raise is you can buy gift cards here ( to your favorite stores at a discounted price and sell your unwanted gift cards here ( for cash. Yet, what I loved most about them is that you can actually find there all the fashion stores where it cost a thing or two so their gift cards are really something to own; a must-have as they say. Their marketplace indeed has a wide variety; from Target to Macy's; they have brand name savings to meet all of your fashionable looks! 

What's trending this fall? I know all of you guys would love to be on it and just being able to jive through the latest spirit of fashion and style that is currently in. So, to give you some ideas, here are a few tips and trends on what's perfect to wear in these crisp Autumn months; essentials that you may want to buy right now!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Raise: Make your money worth more.

Today, I discovered something that all of you, my lovely readers, will be as overwhelmed as I do. Well, it is, where it is an online gift card marketplace by which you can sell gift cards for cash or buy discount gift cards to all of your favorite brands. I got fascinated by the uniqueness of the website and how convenient it is for all, specifically to those who really love shopping, eating, and travelling. The good thing here is, you can go ahead and buy them and be able to readily use them anytime. 

Raise was launched on a quiet evening on February 2nd, 2013 as a marketplace devoted exclusively to buying and selling gift cards. The platform empowers consumers to increase their purchase power so they can give themselves a raise, and the name is a positive, uplifting way to refer to savings. Shoppers can buy discounted gift cards to save on everyday essentials, and sellers can earn cash for otherwise unwanted gift cards to spend when, where and how they choose.

Here are a few snaps of some gift cards for everything you are looking for by which you can buy straight from the website:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Time is gold

A second part is really worth it especially for a website that caters an extreme satisfaction for people who like to collect stuff and treasure them for a lifetime. I really admire those who are engaged to it, as they really value the essence of things. They are not just ordinary. It represents sentimentality and inner personality of a certain individual who is born a lover.

Today, I will show you one of the most sighted category at, where all people who love fashion and value time enough are being obsessed with. Come and take a look!

I have always thought of jewelry as an essential for every person who wants to be stylish. Why? It's because it's something that you wear either to match your outfit of the day or add up to the vibe of your look. I chose this category as my favorite on this site as it really is very seasonal that you can wear them all in every look. It is very versatile and a must-have as well to be considered as we truly value time.

Below are photos of my personal favorites from the collection:

Monday, November 10, 2014

Invaluable- The world's premier auctions

Have you ever felt that if you want something, you'll do everything just to have it? We all know that majority of us are risk-takers. We don't easily give up. It's a good thing, because we tend to feel tough enough to face this complicated world. As of now, we are also engaged to activities and practices that test us on how far we could go for what we want.

Since I am a total newbie on this thing, today, I am so excited to showcase you a very interesting website- an online media to look forward to especially that it's not about the price. It's all of love and passion on vintage and adoring fragility on stuff. This is something interesting and enjoyable if you are an online shopper and a collector of a particular thing; and of course, if you have figured out what I meant a while ago.

Invaluable is an online auction marketplace featuring the world's finest auction houses offering thousands of items from around the world. Across all three of their properties,,, and, more than 30 million bidders per year arrive in the virtual salerooms of the world's premier auction houses. Collectors have unprecedented access to the items they are most passionate about. Invaluable's live online bidding platform allows collectors to bid in real-time on auctions held around the world.

Sunday, November 09, 2014


I am quite shocked and completely overwhelmed that I was able to realize now that many people trust not only me but my work as well. I can't even imagine that I'm going to be noticed by companies who are famous and have been through the advertising and marketing industry resulting to a wider popularity of their products. It's been a pleasure being able to work for them because you get all the attention you have never had before and the opportunity to be more known by readers who are really looking for a much better fashionxstyle advice online. Indeed unexpected and unbelievable.

Today, I am so happy to share to you a few invites from different companies who have given me a chance to work with them for quite a long time already. Such an honor!