Friday, September 19, 2014

Sporty chic

It's a breezy kind of day today and I feel a little worried as there is a typhoon here in our place. I hope everyone will be safe. Fashion will be in a bit of a challenge right now because of the weather. But don't worry guys 'coz in every circumstance, there will always be a remedy.

I've worn something sporty today as the streets are so wet and messy. I guess this will be a perfect thing especially that you wear something that is easy to manage. I've chosen shorts because I don't want to end up soaking wet with pants or neither be blown away with skirt. Wearing a simple top is also better for now.

I've also worn accessories that are waterproof so they won't get affected that much with the pouring rain.

Thank God that the bag I am wearing is also a waterproof. My cellphone won't be damaged in that case.

I'd love to have this sneakers with me as it will walk me through easily today. 

Actually, this top is on trend this season so I've decided to have the photographer close it up for you to see it clearly. It's so soft and flowy and you can rock it on any outfit that you decide to go to as well as in wherever you're up to go. Remember, be brave and be bold! Stay safe everyone!

Penshoppe ( in custom-made shorts, Converse ( in sneakers, Burberry ( in sling bag, Nine west ( in watch.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Basically basic

 Hello everyone! Another new outfit that I'll be featuring today. This is only a short blog post as I am really piled up with a huge work today. But don't worry guys 'coz I'm always making sure that I will bring you all the best that I have. That's how I value you all.

Today, as I am really into work for the whole day, I've decided to wear something that is just light and easy. As I am running for errands, I want to be moving as freely as I can. So, wearing staples like a cute shirt and pants will be a great companion. I've also managed to wear just a watch, a sunglasses and bring a sling bag to match a preppy but sophisticated look.; 

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Hope you'll all have a wonderful day! Rise and shine with the passion for fashion and you'll be fulfilled, having the natural feeling of being beautiful inside and out.

Fly shades ( sunglasses, Abercrombie and Fitch ( in top, Freego ( › Women › Clothing) in jeans, Parisian ( in printed flats, Lacoste ( in sling bag and Jessica ( in acccessories.