Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hello August!

I can't really think of what the title of this post should be. I don't know why. I guess I'm just overwhelmed with the support of all the people I see visiting, commenting and even following my blog. I am so thankful because I am finally seeing my efforts getting noticed. Now I can say that for you to get to the point that you have always wanted, it takes time...

Who said you can't wear black this season? I hope there will be Nos here! Although the majority weather is Spring (even it's fall here, not necessarily called such but you can see leaves falling everywhere, so I think that should be it, hahaha!), BLACK never failed us. There are instances where we say it, it does complement with white (basically). So, to put you in that matter, I've decided to do it myself.

This is a close up of the accessories I am wearing today. As you can see, I pile them up to silver and gold as I am for a little elegance in my look. They are not heavy as they are only made of stainless steel that's why it really jives with the season's sensitivity. Indeed, the black sheer skirt goes well on the weather as the material is only thin, light and flowy. It's very comfortable in a sense that you don't have to worry of it flying due to the windy day here because it has a second layer that serves as a cover-up. This cute and flirty skirt is just easy to find as it is purely in-demand in most stores anywhere in the world. You won't regret buying one!

Did you notice that my hair has some red accents to it? You have seen it right, people! I dyed them myself. I hope it looked great.

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I am really enjoying this year as I was able to try many things that I haven't been engaged with in the past few years. It's challenging at some points but I guess it's a matter of growing and coming out of your shell at least; as we get older, we are learning MORE. Exploring what else we can try as long as we are here. Valuing things that we love, do what we want to and continuously making our dreams come true because no matter how complicated life is, still, we getting stronger and even better...

Wait, maybe you're telling yourself right now "Is she not feeling hot nor irritated with her top? It's thick!?!" Well, I think I have pranked you on that part! Hahaha! It's just a super fine cotton, everyone!
Happy day, Rosies! ;)


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Looks are deceiving

Good day, rosies! I really want to apologize for not blogging for a few days now since I am again in the midst of fixing my schedule and thank God I was able to do it in an organized way. Finally, I will be able to set priorities more being a fashionable individual acting more professional and more serious this time. Playing has to be in place. Depending on the situation, we choose what we want to be. So, I've decided to blog full-time, starting today, as I now focus on myself and of few things that will be able to reach my goals in life and for a successful future. I have realized that TRUST is a bigger issue in all aspects, as it will determine how you handle things. Confidence is a must. You'll never know if you have never tried...

I have always loved wearing blazers. It expresses how neat I am and I love how it is stylish. Being a fashionista is not hard, because you get to decide everything for yourself. You don't have to please everybody but being able to see, hear and know their sides must also be noted. Remember, all lies on you. Impression lasts.

Looks are so deceiving, I get it. Sometimes, people dress up so well not only because they want to look great, instead, they want to hide their real selves. There are instances that they are also hiding something by which they don't want to be obvious, but hey, people are not idiot. Secrets are meant to be revealed.

 This entire look that I put up is truly a feminine one. As I always say, it is really my sense of style. I want everyone to see the real essence of being a woman, but I also look forward in exploring new things (I hope you see it in my other looks). We have limits, but going beyond that is truly historical. You create a mark that will make a better impression on you. Being remarkably awesome contributes to happiness.

Always be YOU. To be a "great pretender" is not an option to gain appreciation. Respect is still important not only to yourself, but to your environment as well. What you show is how you are being judged. This is normal. But it has to be in a good way. Bear in mind that you must bring inspiration (and not HARM or SHAME) to everyone to be able to be memorable in the best way possible. Right now, I can say that I, myself, grew up from it; and I LEARNED...

Rose :)