Saturday, April 19, 2014


First of all, I want to say hello to everyone, especially to those who are with their loved ones right now, I clearly know what it feels like! Sooner, a new chapter is about to start in my life, and I feel like I have accomplished well enough for me to realize few things. Yet, it's really nice to have real friends whom you can count on and have been with you for a long time, as they were always the one who criticizes you in a good way. Through that, I learned...

Embracing the world of fashion is quite a challenge. There are times where you act like "money" is the root of everything sugary, spicy, and everything nice. You have always dreamed of having a huge closet, an expensive pair of shoes, a stunning bag, or even a sister who can give you some advice, guides you or even let you style her like you may want to. I always call these "fashuations". It's just a fashion infatuation wherein you just think of it as a frame of elegance. For me, it is all about being you, showing them who you really are, and expressing what you have known as the real essence of fashion. It always comes with an art. To be able to like it, you put some unique pieces into simple ones. But in order for you to LOVE doing it every now and then, you got to have combined those pieces to create an awesome look based on your own sense of style. That way, you and your environment will realize that you have that originality on you as well as the passion to make yourself even younger physically, in mind, and most specially, at heart.

I have decided to wear a pop of color at the bottom, which I created personally. Then, the top came from my mom, who really loves embroidery every since. I guess it's cute that black, honeysuckle and silver go well together, didn't expect that at first. Wearing boots is also my thing as I was able to rock it on this outfit. Thanks to my mom also for letting me have an Ombre hair just to try. I guess it completed my punk vibe. ;)

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To this last month of the year, an even earlier welcome to a brand new life of mine, unexpectedly yet unimaginable. I don't even know how to be thankful for every thing that is now happening to me along the way, not that fast but manageable. Blessings are really hard to have, but if you are that hardworking and humble, nothing is impossible...
Enjoy the holy days, fashionistas! ;)

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Polka = FUN

My "unimaginable" vacay had just started yesterday, and I am very excited about the whole thing. All things happening to my life at present are all new, so I guess there's nothing wrong with that feeling of overwhelm. Since the spirit of summer is on the way, I've decided to just get along with it!

As you can see, my look is just casual, and what I call "the usual me". I like comfy pieces that make me look more feminine and even portraying more of my exploratory side. I love colors as I feel like I am alive, energetic, and free! yet, it shows more of me as an outgoing type of person, clearly addicted to shopping whatever I would want to have. Before, I was having a hard time getting to that point where I have to struggle for myself as a fashion enthusiast so what I just did in order to survive was to be wise. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.

I have always loved SHOES. My principle is that they make every look complete. In here, I've decided to wear a sandals because I just want to feel breezy enough like the weather. F.Y.I., that actually came from my mother's closet. That's me trying just for fun, hahaha! I hope I did well on this.

I didn't think of wearing a collared shirt the first time this look entered into my mind considering the weather. But then, thank God that the fabric is not that thick so I was able to manage the entire look with a little splash of bling that symbolizes how sparkly my heart is right now as to how thankful and happy I am having an entirely new life that I didn't even thought it would still happen. I feel so blessed.

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To what chapter of my life I am right now, is all because of my mom. She is my strength. I cannot ask for more as I am very lucky to have her doing everything for us to have a better and brighter future. Christmas is one of my proofs of being able to survive again in this complicated world, even if it's unfair, still, there are a lot of wonderful things behind it than you could ever imagine. Now, I truly believe to what mom always say that "something is waiting for those who really are deserving". Just keep walking. Strive harder. Plan for the worst, but hope for the best... :)